my styling work

neděle 30. prosince 2012

first winter collection of the concrete pots

This is our collection of one month work. Three time per week we worked together and this is the result.

during the process

"Kimura style", 120 cm, work for client

Rock for cascade pinus sylvestris, 80 cm high

60 cm

from the other side

bunjin pot 60 cm

another binjin pot 60 cm

bunjin pyramida

our team

Master and his work

pátek 28. prosince 2012 Akira workshop

Its very nice to spent the winter time with all my friends, work on trees and be happy !

result of the first tree, freestyle pinus

result with the Larch, just the very first styling

neděle 16. prosince 2012

Small demo in Teahause

On the 5. 12. we did the small demo for a few people in the Teahause in Česká Lípa. My friend Pavel gave me his tree, which he plant from seed. Its a 22 yars old Pinus Banksiana. Unfortunately I havent the final foto from this work... It was nice evening.

pondělí 26. listopadu 2012

The weekend with President

We spent the last weekend with our friends and the big boss HRH Vaclav Novák, president of Czech bonsai asociation in the Akira workshop. It was very nice and lot of work was done. Thanks for all !

in the garden of my friends Zdeněk and Zdeněk

lot of work in the Akira Workshop
The Very good drower Libor Slatinka tried to catch the future design of this huge Taxus

the President demo

úterý 20. listopadu 2012

Japan Shimpaku - reshaping

This evening I worked on this small tree.Selection of main branches and some wiring was needed.  

Juniperus Sabina - restyling

This weekend we worked together with my good friend Milan Karpíšek. This tree is from the garden of Oldřich Kašpar. His garden is full of very good quality trees, so its very nice to work here...

finding the right position and the "flow" of the tree

after the styling

from left is visible the green mass on the main branch wich are prepared for grafting

right side

neděle 28. října 2012

First meeting at bonsai Akira workshop

This was the first meeting with my very good friends in my bonsai basement workshop. Everything is ready for concentrated work on trees here, so lets do it!

sabina after the very first styling, puting the main branches in place only

this tree was very fragile, so some movments of branches are not perfect now, and lot of branches we will cut late on summer.