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neděle 24. května 2015

End of the repotting time

I have just few pictures from the very intensive repotting time. After two months of intensive work I spend couple of days with Martina. We visited Cuenca, very famous rock area and tried a few routes there.


čtvrtek 26. února 2015

Spanish spring

The spring is coming in the garden of David Benavente and we working hard. But when arrived Martina for few days, Master get me three days free. So we spent the amazing time in El Escorial in the famous monastery and after this another two fantastic days in extraordinary boulderinfg area called La Pedriza. Thank you David!

neděle 11. ledna 2015

Winter time

Few fotos from the last month. Now we are very active...hundreds meters of wires and raffia and watering also, because here in spain is incredibly nice weather now! Everyday is like the masterclass, and with a lot of new experiences. I'm so grateful for this !

David and last magic touch on  one of his new piece.

maintenence the elegant sylvestris

winter watering

..another new piece from David

Pine in the afternoon sun

úterý 11. listopadu 2014

Few moments from the apprentice life

My master David Benavente during the work. watch, what makes his hands is important part of learning!

Part of the nice dead wood from one of my favourite juniperus.

And now some practice, not only watching! :)

And after the work some short rest in Zarzalejo, propably the last time in this year, cause started to rain and the days is very short now.

 Cold and windy, but nothing can stop Martina to climb this! :)