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středa 29. ledna 2014


I had lot of fun when I create the greenhouse with rusty old iron pipes during the autumn. It was horrible weather, when we finished it more then two months ago. But the greenhouse still stay on the right place and the trees looks quite happy inside. Many thanks for my friends which helped me and to my neighbor for his amazing skills with iron welding.

středa 22. ledna 2014

Noelanders Trophy XV.

We spent nice time in belgium. Many nice people and trees and big artists. It was a great honor for me to be with Master David Benavete on his demos during the weekend. I very highly appreciate this.

During the summer I spent more than one month in David´s garden and I was very lucky when offered me to be his assistant on Noelanders Trophy XV. Now my dreams come true...  It was amazing and great opportunity to see how the masterpieces rise up under the hands of Master David Benavente!
Unfotunately we have not completly fotoreport of all the demos and results, because the quality of the pictures was not good, we need new camera I think! But few pictures are here:

David Benavente, saturday demo

Ryan Neil, saturday demo

Ryan Neil and Sandro Segneri

Kevin Wilson