my styling work

pondělí 16. června 2014

Yamadori spruce

We defined the front of the tree and future planting angle and slightly positioned the main branches on this huge spruce yamadori. The next goal will be to develop the branch structure and repot to the right position. The tree looks very old and natural and I looking forward for the future evolution of it.

úterý 10. června 2014

Ezo restyling, hot summer and spidermans

Just a few picture from the restyling of interesting and old ezo spruce and climbing.

the best climber of the day has a rope, so he is ready to go for it! :)

úterý 3. června 2014

Spruce, large rock and hard climbing in Elbe valley

This lovely Ezo spruce needed new look. Than we spent a super nice weekend at the famous Elbe sandstone rocks. We met lot of my old friends there and climbed a lot. For Martina it was first experience with hard routes in the valley and she started to love this place, same as me...