my styling work

čtvrtek 29. května 2014

Juniperus slightly refinement, some Martina´s jokes and thriving spruces

The basic structure of branches is more clean and visible and the future foliage pads are more set now.

Ahhh to much fertilizing!!!!
..need to cut a little bit 

In my "spruce corner"

čtvrtek 8. května 2014

Death wood on taxus, spruce with a litlle bit strange flovers and some insect...

 I continue  with the death wood on  taxus. The rough work is finished now, but need many details and the sand blasting finally. I used the makita power tool and the small dremel hobby tool.

neděle 4. května 2014

work - trip - work

...few pictures from reppoting the last one bigger pine, trip to nature and start of the work on some taxus. Work on the death wood is still in the progress and I will post the result later.