my styling work

čtvrtek 25. dubna 2013


This fragile pinus was the gift from my friend Zdeněk. Last spring was repoted in to the training pot and some days ago I did the first styling. Now is the main structure of the tree set, but it need lot of work and time to developing the details. For this time is the green mass too heavy and the needle lenght is not elegant. Its nothing special, but I really love this type of small pinus...

sobota 20. dubna 2013

"The old bowing chinese men"

This is the name for this pine, wich we worked on this afternoon. Last year we repoted it on the slab -stone pot from the Akira production. After the conversation about this tree, we realised, that the old apex must go out of the styling game. So we build the new smaler crown with much more better proportion and the old apex we turned into the jin. The slab pot is too big now and we will change the compsition in the future. This tree is a big challenge for me, cause personally I ´m not satisfied with the result yet.

sobota 13. dubna 2013

demo with taxus

 We spent nice time with friends in the Bambus Kastner today. For Šárka and Igor was prepared interesting satsuki as the demo tree and for us ( with Martin ) was prepared the nice taxus. I hope that everybody enjoyed this event. Thanks for Mr. Kastner for his inviting, Martin for his great help during the demo and Martina for taking nice fotos!

čtvrtek 11. dubna 2013


This sylvestris I got from my friend Zdeněk last year. He told me " its nothing special, but if you want, try to do something with this. So why not? This type of bunjin is very common in the nature witch I have around my village everywere.  Those pinus not have so dramatic movement like the "mountain bunjin" but look quite poetic. I tried to catch the same feeling in this tree.

pondělí 8. dubna 2013

pondělí 1. dubna 2013


Today we styled this special pine. It was repoted to the concrete pot from Akira production last year. The extravagant tree needs extravagant pot. So my "brother" Zdeňek designed the shape and we did it excactely for this tree. Today was the right time for the completing this project and the owner looked quite happy.

the pot wich we maked last winter in 2012

before styling