my styling work

neděle 28. října 2012

First meeting at bonsai Akira workshop

This was the first meeting with my very good friends in my bonsai basement workshop. Everything is ready for concentrated work on trees here, so lets do it!

sabina after the very first styling, puting the main branches in place only

this tree was very fragile, so some movments of branches are not perfect now, and lot of branches we will cut late on summer.

neděle 21. října 2012

Shimpaku refinishing

Another work on the very nice tree from Japan, also from the Václav Novák´s garden.


this part of the death wood needs some improving

during the work

better but not finished on this picture

front wiew

interesting left side

středa 17. října 2012

another Shimpaku from Japan...

This tree was imported from Japan by Václav Novák. It need some care, so I tried to do my best... It is possible to do some shari on the trunk, but better on summer time. Here is the result after the three days of work.

sobota 6. října 2012

New garden roof

Last weekend we made the rest place with roof in the garden. Next step will be the wooden floor and the roof covering. I was unable to do it myself, so I did it with my very good friend "Króťa". He is a professional carpenter, so the result of the work is exactly what I wanted! Thanks my friend!!!