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neděle 10. března 2013


Now I´m back from the garden of true master David Benavente and I´m so lucky, that I can spent one week of intensive work on bonsai. It was just a week, but I got meny imoportant lection from David Benavente and his apprentices and I learnd so many new things. It was so amazing to see the highest quality of trees, work, technique and spend the time with so nice people in the garden. Thank you very very much David and all in the garden!!!

one of great new styling work

simply amazing...

learning from tree


from the public weekend workshop

Přidat popisek

tree with the "cafe branch"

misty morning

my first wireing and styling work

the spring is coming!

one of my next wireing...I must still train a lot !!!

in the workshop...

David Soto´s lection of sharpening the bonsai tool, very interesting and important!

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